How to Transform your Smart Home

Smart home starts with TaHoma

How to Transform my home into a Smart Home

Smart home starts with TaHoma®

Make your home smart, more comfortable and safer

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About TaHoma®

With TaHoma® you are always and everywhere connected to your home via the app on your smartphone. Simply connect your electrical equipment, such as your blinds, lighting, security, heating and garage door, to TaHoma®. Now you can control all these products remotely: you close your shutters from the office or switch on your outdoor lighting from your holiday address.

With TaHoma® you create a comfortable Smart Home. TaHoma® is optimally compatible: Somfy alone has more than 100 products that you can connect to TaHoma®. Furthermore, TaHoma® works with many other major brands, such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, Philips HUE, Sonos, Velux, Honeywell and Danfoss.

The TaHoma® app

TaHoma® ensures that everything communicates with each other. It is your 'command center' from which you program and send out all your requirements and wishes. Easy to install and very user-friendly. TaHoma® is extremely safe. Optimal, and according to the highest requirements, protected against 'hackers' so that unwanted intruders are always kept at a distance.

Easy to install and operate

All Somfy products are very user-friendly in operation. All functionalities work intuitively and the installation of the products is also simple.

You can operate each connected product individually, but you can also choose to:

  • have products work together through scenarios
  • preset a product to turn on or off at specific times.

With Somfy TaHoma®, you can easily adjust your equipment at home and always enjoy the optimal atmosphere and temperature. Your house adapts to you and your life. How do you make your home your home?

Smart Living starts with Somfy

TaHoma®, the complete home experience

• At the heart of the connected home is TaHoma; giving the freedom to connect, control and centralize the home’s devices, whether the occupant is present in the house or remotely; for more comfort, safety and energy efficiency

•TaHoma is compatible with Somfy products and
19 major players in home equipment, and is open to worldwide leading services platforms, and constantly incorporating more possibilities!