Somfy Connected DoorLock & Internet Gateway

2401457 Somfy DoorLock

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    Somfy Connected Door Lock & GA 

    • Model: 2401457

    • A new way to manage access to your home!

    • Lock and unlock your door with your Smartphone.

    • Give access to other people, permanently or on time slots.

    • Cool access:  In just few clicks, organize the comings and goings! |  Lock and unlock your door remotely using your smartphone thansk to Bluetooth 4.0   |    You can also use the regular keys.

    • Hello peace of mind:  Create permanent or temporary access permissions for the housekeeper, the baby sitter or for your friends visiting for few give access without keys and without being there!   |    Receive a notification on your Smartphone as soon as the doorlock is used.

    • Easy installation:   Can be added yo our existing door if compatible and without any damage, no drilling or wiring required.

    • Total security: In one click, deactivate the virtual key and if necessary, use the manual key provided. Secured connection by encryption AES 256, banking standard data encryption. Doorlock with European standards EN 1303 2006: Anti-breakage, anti-pull, anti-drill cylinder

    • Pack content: Connected lock + mounting plate |  3 different color shells  |  screws  |  2 screwdrivers  |  Batteries  |  Secured cylinder, with 3 metal keys and reproduction card

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