Somfy Izymo Shutter Reciever io MEA/EE


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              Somfy Izymo Shutter Reciever io MEA/EE

              • Model: 1822661

              Micro shutter receiver with feedback to be placed behind switch or near shutter. Convert your motorized shutter into a smart and connected shutter. Easy to install and use. In combination with TaHoma, check the status of your shutters when you're away.

              Izymo Micro shutter receiver with feedback

              The shutter-receiver allows you to check the status of your shutters wherever you are. It's so easy to install behind existing switches or directly in the roller shutter housing, and connects to TaHoma via the io-homecontrol protocol. You can then remotely control your shutters with the Somfy Smart Home App on your smartphone OR tablet device or even by using a computer.

              As well as helping you save energy, the Somfy Izymo Shutter Receiver io makes day to day living so much easier with time schedules that fit around your lifestyle. You can set your shutters to open or close at set times, creating the sense that your home is occupied at all times and helping to keep it secure from potential intruders. When used in conjunction with sensors, certain conditions and scenarios within TaHoma can activate your lights and further deter break-ins or welcome guests to your home.

              Because the io-homecontrol protocol has two-way communication capabilities you can even check in what position the roller shutter is in. Get yourself optimal comfort!

              • Make your shutters smart

              • Can be used to centralize multiple shutters from one control point.

              • Can be placed in a recessed box behind the switch or next to the wired actuator.

              • Compatible with most electric roller shutters.

              Enjoy the benefits of remote control shutters

              • Control all your shutters via a Somfy io remote control, smartphone/tablet or PC.

              • Automate your shutters based on time or amount of sun light.

              • Deter potential thieves by simulating presence when you are away

              No impact to the design of your home

              • Wireless installation, no need to lay extra cables.

              • Keep your design consistency with your existing switches.

              The Izymo Shutter Receiver is compatible with TaHoma

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