Somfy Protect IntelliTAG 5-pack anti-intrusion sensors

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    Somfy Intellitag 5-Pack

    • Only IntelliTAG uses multiple sensors and an advanced algorithm to analyze vibration patterns and detect the first sign of a break-in BEFORE a door or window is opened. IntelliTAG can tell the difference between normal events like a knock at the door or a ball bouncing, and potential threats, like drilling or hammering: no more false alarms. Within nanoseconds of the break-in attempt, IntelliTAG triggers the siren and sends an alert to your smartphone.

    • Universal adaptability for sliding or swinging doors or windows, one-step adhesive installation, and tamper protection.

    • Fast and easy installation Sets up in minutes: Simply place it on any window or door. Connect with Smartphone. And go!

    • Radio communication between IntelliTAG and Link ensures system maintenance. Tamper protection in case of radio interference.

    • Power supply Batteries: 1 x AA battery with 12 month life (under normal use conditions)

    • App.

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