Somfy Protexium Start GSM Kit

Somfy Protexiom Wireless Alarm System set offers you a reliable protection for your home. The set consists of all the important basic elements and can be combined with other somfy protexiom products.
Starter set for the protection of your home.
All basic safety components are included in the package.
In the event of an alarm, you will receive a notification directly to smartphone.

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    Somfy Protexium Start GSM Kit Wireless Alarm System

    • Model: 2401426

    • Continuous self-checking: the central unit checks each component and warns you in the event of  a problem: low battery, window opened...

    • Feedback: when you activate/deactivate the alarm, an audible signal, indicator light tell you that the command has been recognized 

    • Component self-protection: if there is an attempt to disconnect or destroy a component, the alarm sounds. 

    • Dual radio frequency transmission: if one channel is jammed, the system will continue to operate 

    • Operating life: 4-year operating life for all accessories (in normal daily use). If there is a power failure, an SMS warning is sent using the back-up battery.


    • Easy to install: installation in few clicks with this kit.

    • All the elements of your system are pre-registered and the setting is done step by step by computer. The new 3-in-1 unit limits work and respects your interior.  

    • Easy to use: Your alarm system is designed for the whole family: from home with remote control or at a distance with your smartphone. 

    • Connected with your home: Connect your Somfy RTS equipment to your alarm to enhance your security through presence simulation. In the event of detection, your home automatically protects itself by lowering the roller shutters or triggering the lighting.

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    What's included:

    • Alarm unit: has a built-in siren. In the case of alarm, the siren directly triggered

    • Opening detector: detects reliably, whether windows and doors are closed. If the condition in active monitoring mode change, an alarm for the deterrence is triggered.

    • Motion detector: detects unauthorized persons in your living room move

    • Hand-held transmitter: makes it possible to manually activate/deactivate by head pressure

    • Somfy radio frequency 433.42 MHz and 433.92 MHz.

    • The alarm control center with built-in siren

    • Opening-sensor incl. batteries and mounting accessories

    • Motion sensor incl. batteries and mounting accessories

    • Hand-held transmitter on/off including batteries

    • Somfy Sim Card