Anker Powerconf Bluetooth Speakerphone Black


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    Anker PowerConf BT & USB Speakerphone Black

    • Model: A3301011

    • Media Acclaimed: Forbes says “Whether it’s used as a portable conference phone, or as a speakerphone in a conference room, the Anker PowerConf works remarkably well”.

    • 360° Coverage: 6 microphones arranged in a 360° array pick up voices from all directions to instantly transform any space at home or the office into a meeting room.

    • Smart Voice Enhancement: PowerConf Bluetooth speakerphone utilizes a custom DSP algorithm to optimize your voice in real-time and effectively reduce background noises.

    • Optimized Clarity and Volume: Your voice is automatically balanced to make up for differences in volume and distance from the Bluetooth speakerphone.

    • Perfect For Home Offices: Connect to your phone via Bluetooth or to your computer with a USB-C cable—without needing to install drivers. PowerConf Bluetooth speakerphone is Zoom certified and is compatible with all popular online conferencing platforms.

    • 24 Hours of Call Time: A built-in 6,700mAh battery gives you the option to go wireless and hold meetings virtually anywhere. Integrated Anker PowerIQ technology allows you to charge other devices via PowerConf at optimized speeds.

    • 6 Microphones: Get full 360° coverage for meetings in huddle rooms, home offices, and more.

    • Custom DSP Algorithm: Enhances voice pickup with real-time echo cancellation, de-reverberation, and ambient noise suppression.

    • Balanced Volume: Even when you’re sat at different distances from PowerConf Bluetooth speakerphone, it automatically adjusts the volume so everyone’s voice sounds loud and clear.

    • Instant Setup: Connect via Bluetooth or a USB-C cable without needing to install any drivers.

    • For computers that use Windows 7, 8, 10, and macOS.

    • Universal Compatibility: Use with ease in your home office—PowerConf conference speaker is Zoom certified and is also compatible with Skype, Google Hangout, Facetime, WebEx, GotoMeeting, Chromebox, and more.

    • Built-In 6,700mAh Battery: PowerConf Bluetooth speakerphone gives you 24 hours of call time and can charge your other devices.

    Balanced Sound

    No matter where you’re sitting in the room PowerConf Bluetooth speakerphone enhances your voice so everyone sounds sound equally loud and clear.


    Voice Optimization

    PowerConf also optimizes the voices on the other end to enable you to hear them clearer.


    Anker PowerIQ Charging

    Use PowerConf’s USB port to charge your phone at an optimized speed while you meet or if you need a quick power boost on a trip.

    Universal Compatibility

    Use with all leading online conferencing services such as Skype, Google Hangout, Facetime, Zoom, WebEx, GotoMeeting, and Chromebox etc.

    Note: Press the Mute button to enter Mute mode on PowerConf and the online conferencing service you are using. Please note that the microphone status icon on the online conferencing platform will not change.


    Bluetooth 5.0

    PowerConf Bluetooth speakerphone uses the latest Bluetooth technology for an ultra-stable connection.


    Travel Case

    The lightweight and compact travel case protects PowerConf while you’re on business trips or moving around the office.

    Open Offices

    Use PowerConf to meet at anytime, anywhere in your office space—without being limited by meeting room availability.


    Huddle Room

    PowerConf Bluetooth speakerphone is easy to set up and doesn’t require other equipment—making it tailored for small spaces.


    At Home

    Take your professional meeting environment with you when you work from home or go on business trips to ensure call quality isn’t compromised