Fakir Hydrogen Water Maker - Aqua Gio


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    Fakir Aqua Gio - Hydrogen Water Maker

    • Model: 41004261

    • DC 12V/2A

    • 1600 mL Capacity

    • Self Cleaning

    • 3 Settings

    • H2 Content in High Mode: 450ppb

    • H2 Content in Low Mode: 380 ppb

    • Dimensions: 18 x 28 x 33 cm

    • You can increase the quality of the water you drink with the Fakir AQUA GIO Hydrogen Water Generator. Today, when it is known that drinking water is very beneficial for health, you can increase your quality of life by drinking hydrogenated water. By strengthening your immune system with hydrogenated water, you can protect you from diseases and allergic reactions, keep diabetes under control, reduce your fatigue and stress level, weaken and even delay aging with regular use. 

    • Healthy Water, Healthy Living

    • You can enjoy hydrogen water consumption with Fakir AQUA GIO Hydrogen Water Generator. According to the advice of experts, when you consume at least 8 glasses of water a day with hydrogenated water, you will see visible differences in your skin and affect your skin health positively. Fakir AQUA GIO Hydrogen Water Generator increases the hydrogen molecules in the water by electrolyzing drinking water. The device, which you can operate with a single button, offers ease of use and can meet your daily water consumption with its 1600 ml capacity. The product, which also offers a stylish appearance thanks to the LED light that is constantly on during the electrolysis process, does not cause you an extra workload by cleaning itself.

    • Fakir AQUA GIO Hydrogen Water Generation Thanks to the touch screen of the device, you can combine technology with water. It is possible to feel fit and fresh all day long with your water with high hydrogen molecules. You can live a healthy life by raising your standards thanks to the product that protects all the original and beneficial minerals and increases the oxygen content by destroying the harmful substances in the water.

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