Fakir Digital Kitchen Scale Molly - White


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    Fakir Molly Dijital Kitchen Scale- White

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    • White

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    Whether you need to follow your inspiration or a detailed recipe to make a healthy meal, a kitchen scale is a must in the kitchen. That’s why Fakir has more to offer to your kitchen through high-quality household appliances. The Fakir Molly Digital Kitchen Scale can measure any item placed on the scale. It can measure the weight and volume of many materials. It can provide you with different readings like (g, oz, lb, water ml, and milk ml). And to keep up with your modern kitchen needs, it also offers many more features we will discuss shortly. The Fakir Molly Digital Kitchen Scale will offer you simple operation, is easy to clean, and displays the values on screen.

    Molly Digital Kitchen Scale: Simple and Effortless Operation

    In using the Fakir Molly Digital Kitchen Scale, two main features provide you ease in operation. These are the two buttons, the mode button, and the tare button on the front panel. The tare button lets you remove the bowl weight when adding and measuring the new items to the scale and the mode button will allow you to switch between needed measurements from liters to grams to ounces of your contents with just a touch. Both these features are mostly used when following or creating a recipe. Each of these features will give results in just a touch of a button, and help you follow hard recipes.

    Easy Cleaning with a Glass Surface

    The glass surface makes the Fakir Molly Digital Kitchen Scale easy to clean. Its design prevents the device from any damage that can happen from spills or debris. It protects the buttons on the panel. The glass surface is designed to prevent damages that can happen in daily use. Also, oily fingers or messy experiments will not affect the lifespan of the kitchen scale. This design saves you time in cleaning and helps you to maintain it in good condition without much effort.

    Readable Values on the LED Display

    The Fakir Molly Digital Kitchen Scale has the latest LED displays: a functional digital LED display that will help you read the values without needing to bend over or get closer to read the values. And the lit LED screen display can also accommodate different measurement values.

    Fakir’s Molly Digital Kitchen Scale comes with a 10 L food scaling capacity. This extra capacity will give more room for big recipes and dishes. Also, the digital scale will help you plan for bigger meals to accommodate more people and more difficult recipes.

    The Molly Digital Kitchen Scales weren’t made to follow recipes only. You can create your meal plans and measure your calorie consumption. With the scale, you can measure the calories of seven different foods with a single button.

    How Should You Maintain the Molly Digital Kitchen Scale?

    Fakir’s Molly Digital Kitchen Scale comes with 4x AAA 1.5 volt batteries along with an innovative feature, automatic shutdown. It automatically shuts its functions down after a while if you aren’t using the kitchen scale. This feature saves you from changing the batteries often by lowering energy consumption and increasing battery life.