Vestel Dishwasher 6 Programs 12 sets Silver


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    Vestel Dishwasher 6 Programs Silver

    • Model: D463X

    • Large capacity for 12 people: Thanks to Vestel’s 12-person capacity dishwashers, you will save even more time and energy by washing more dishes at once.

    • Eco Wash: Eco Friendly Ecowash technology provides washing performance when dishwasher is not fully loaded, only lower basket or upper basket or both are used with half load if necessary by using half load option. Ecowash technology saves energy and water by reducing energy and water consumption due to load options.

    • Delay Timer: You can start the program by postponing it until the desired time of day. So, you can program your Vestel dishwasher according to your life.

    • Jetwash 18 Min.:  With this fast program, you can clean the dishes like less and/or recently soiled (coffee, milk and tea etc.) in only 18 minutes. This program is one of the fastest programs in the world. It cleans your dishes with 4 place settings capacity in 18 minutes. With this option, water reaches optimum temperature to dissolve the combined detergent ideally and eliminates such drawbacks and assures maximum performance.

    • Extra Hygiene: This program is designed for special dishes requiring extra hygiene. It gives you a glittering washing that is hard to wash, extremely dirty dishes.

    • Extra Drying: It is possible to have better drying performance with extra drying option. This option increases water temperature at final rinse step and drying step duration up to 10 min.

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