Whirlpool Gas Hob 90cm Stainless Steel iXelium


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Cooker Width: 90cm

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Whirlpool Gas Hob 90cm Stainless Steel iXelium

  • Model: GMWL 928/IXL

  • 90cm

  • MAX POWER 5000W: 5kW burner, Enjoy tastier results, faster. Seal your meat to perfection, boil water faster or enjoy a perfect stir-fry dishes with the outstanding Power Burner 5000W.

  • SPEED TO BOIL: Enjoy faster boiling. Our innovative technology, by effectively harnessing the energy of the flames, ensures more heat is delivered directly to your pots and pans allowing you to enjoy ideal cooking results, sooner.

  • IXELIUM: Long lasting shine. The revolutionary iXelium treatment protects your hob from scratches and corrosion, ensuring a perfect shine, always. And, it's easy to clean: all you need is water and a soft cloth.

  • Stainless Steel

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