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    Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P Black

    • Model: SKV4109GL

    • Increased cleaning capacity: Water Tank for Precise and Efficient Cleaning. The Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P, as its name implies, is a versatile device that can do both sweeping and mopping, and spoiler alert: It’s pretty good at both. It’s got plenty of smart features to make your life a bit easier, but it goes without saying that you’ll have to make do with a few of its limitations as well, which may even turn out to be trivial based on how you plan on using the robot.

    • Not only vacuuming, but also washing: In addition to improved laser systems, the new version also brings new possibilities for sweeping and rinsing the floor (mop function). In total, up to three cleaning variants will be available along with mop functions. It will be sweeping and rinsing, or only sweeping or just rinsing. Different accessories will also be required for different cleaning options. In the case of the vacuuming and moping mode, a new 2 in 1 waste tank is used, which functions as a 200 ml water tank and a 300 ml dust box. If you want to use the vacuum cleaner only for vacuuming or only for washing, you will have to replace the tank with a version with 550 ml capacity.

    • Even smarter: Mi Robot Vacuum 2nd generation contains several intelligent solutions, which are covered by the R16-J computer chip. The equipment also includes an electrically operated intelligent water tank and water pump. The device precisely regulates the water outlet and creates enough pressure to prevent it from blocking. Said chip integrated in the vacuum cleaner can also sense the water level. It intelligently controls the vacuum cleaner and does not move it without water, so that it does not damage the wooden floor for protection.

    • Higher suction power and a new laser system:  The improved model is equipped with a Japanese engine with an adjustable air passage and a suction power of up to 2100 Pa. The equipment also includes the aforementioned laser environment detection system (LDS), which in this version can shoot up to a distance of 8 meters.

    • Mi Home Application: With the mobile application, you can set the cleaning path and monitor the cleaning in real time. It is not a problem to plan the cleaning itself. After the first cleaning, the Mijia vacuum cleaner automatically detects the room it offers you for storage. So he can recognize rooms. Subsequently, it is possible to clean according to these detected rooms. Rooms can be sorted, named and sorted. The cleaning schedule can thus be adjusted to a specific time and to a specific room.

    • Battery life does not disappoint: The vacuum cleaner should last for 110 minutes. This will be roughly reflected in the cleaning of the room with the area to 180 square meters. When the battery is discharged, the vacuum cleaner automatically returns to its charging base. 

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