Somfy Smart Home Kit
Get started with Smart Home lighting with this complete package consisting of Somfy TaHoma Smart Home box, Scenario Player and 9 receivers.

Control your home's lighting with just the touch of the button
Presence simulation - Automatically switch on your lighting
Compatible with expert partners and over 100 Somfy products
1,100.000 JD 900.000 JD 900.0 JOD Add to Cart
Somfy 3Plugs RTS & Remote Set
2401366 Bundle RTS Plugs type E + Remote
22.000 JD 22.000 JD 22.0 JOD Add to Cart
Somfy Connected DoorLock & GA
2401457 Somfy DoorLock
329.000 JD 359.000 JD 359.0 JOD Add to Cart
Somfy OnOff Plug RTS G-Type
2401524 Plug G-type RTS
30.000 JD 30.000 JD 30.0 JOD Add to Cart
Somfy OnOff Plug io F-Type
1822618 Plug F-type io
49.000 JD 49.000 JD 49.0 JOD Add to Cart
Somfy V300 Doorphone
2401547 V300 Doorphone
290.000 JD 290.000 JD 290.0 JOD Add to Cart
Somfy V100 Doorphone
V100 allows you to identify who is visiting and remotely open your gates. It also has incorporated LED lights for night view.
200.000 JD 200.000 JD 200.0 JOD Add to Cart
Somfy Telis 1 RTS Pure
1810936 TELIS 1 RTS PURE
40.000 JD 33.000 JD 33.0 JOD Add to Cart
Somfy Tahoma
270.000 JD 270.000 JD 270.0 JOD Add to Cart