Somfy Syprotect Extender

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    Somfy Syprotect Extender

    Somfy Protect Extender Choose the only connected security system which is accessible to everyone, simple to install, updatable, and can be incorporated into daily life. Whether you have a house or an apartment, build the system you need.

    The Somfy Protect extender extends the range of the radio signal and is very easy to install.

    In the Somfy Protect app, you will be guided step by step in connecting and determining the best location to install the extender.

    The extender is automatically recognized during installation.

    When the extender is unplugged from the socket, you will immediately receive a message on your smartphone. It is equipped with a back-up battery with sufficient capacity to fully function for another 6 hours

    The extender is equipped with advanced techniques so that signal interference or encryption is noticed immediately.

    A maximum of 2 extenders can be used per Somfy Protect system.

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